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Submit proposals by March 15, 2017

List updated twice a year in June and December

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Is your annual budget less than $3,000,000? (more or less)

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Have you applied for funding in the last two years?

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If so, do you have a proposal that has not been funded?

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Is your proposal under fifteen pages? (more or less)

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Are you interested in receiving thoughtful and candid feedback about your proposal from an experienced evaluator?

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Would you like to see your proposal featured on the inaugural Unfunded List this December and distributed to a wide network of philanthropists and funders?

If you answered yes to all six questions then your proposal is eligible. We look forward to reviewing it. Good luck with your submission!

We will be updating the list next on June 1, 2017. Proposals for the next iteration of the list are due on March 15, 2017. You may submit a proposal at anytime between now and March 15th and be considered for the June update.

The inaugural Unfunded List was announced on Giving Tuesday 2015.

If you have questions about your eligibility please contact dave@unfundedlist.com



Have proposal skills? Want to help?



We call them “playwrights” because a play is not merely written but wrought. Surely this is also true of the millions of carefully crafted grant proposals submitted to foundations every year by “grantwrights” around the country.

Foundations cannot fund them all.

I spent years working as a grantwright at nonprofits both large and small. I also spent years reviewing grant proposals for private donors, foundations and giving circles. I am aware of the efficiencies on both sides. I know that great proposals are written and left unfunded.

So I am publishing a list.




Dave Moss

Founder, Unfunded List

(Acting) Temporary Indefinite Executive Director, Moss Family Foundation