Approaching a Family Foundation is like Having Dinner with a Family

Here at the Unfunded List we are currently quite busy reviewing our fourth and largest round of unfunded proposal submissions. By the time we complete our review next month and announce the next iteration of the Unfunded List (June 1st – Stay Tuned!) we will have reviewed proposals from over 75 startup social good organizations – mostly nonprofits. … Continued

Are you Unfunded?

Too often, the hardworking entrepreneurs with great ideas to fix the world have the door to funding shut in their face.

Leaving Government And Considering The Unfunded Sector?

In about six weeks there will be a new administration in charge of the federal government. This means thousands of hardworking, talented and experienced change agents will soon be out of a job. Many have lined up their next gig while others haven’t begun looking. Some will move to other positions in the Government or … Continued

Jonathan Beninson – Barbaresco

Jonathan Beninson is the chief operating officer of House of Genius – an organization that provides feedback to emerging social entrepreneurs. Jonathan joins us in the booth after spending a week at the United Nations General Assembly events as well as the final Clinton Global Initiative. Listen in as Jonathan talks to us about his highlevel … Continued

Alex Dickinson (Awesome Foundation!) – Vino Verde

Alex Dickinson spends her days as a social media strategist for Beekeeper Group providing strategic support and content guidance to a wide variety of clients including non-profits, trade associations, and Fortune 500 companies. As awesome as that is – she is also the DC “Dean” of the Awesome Foundation. Awesome Foundation employs a giving circle model to a … Continued

Steven Olikara – Malbec in a Box

I have a hard time spelling the word millennial. I can never remember if it’s two Ls or two Ns or how many Es it has (it’s both and there’s one). Steven Olikara has to spell it all the time as the founder of the Millennial Action Project – a nonprofit dedicated to political cooperation through … Continued

Mary Galeti & Blair Glencorse – Table White

Mary Galeti serves on the Unfunded List evaluation committee and runs the Tecovas Foundation. They fund a number of small nonprofits including Accountability Lab founded by Blair Glencorse. He submitted a proposal that made it onto the inaugural Unfunded List.  Mary, Dave and Blair are all members of the Nexus Global Youth Summit and Blair and Dave … Continued

David Searby – Malbec

David Searby is the founding grandpa of Komodia – a new nonprofit dedicated to finding comity through comedy. We worked with him to help get his organization up off the ground. We built his website (, helped draft his communications strategy and produced a video for him about Gerrymandering. Starting a new social venture is hard … Continued