Jason Kampf – Covant

Jason “Jay” Kampf is an artist, father and husband. He is also a former analyst at Antheon where he helped companies integrate their CSR programs with the Combined Federal Campaign and other workplace giving programs. We were lucky to have him join us in the podcast booth at Nexus US where he dropped a lot of knowledge about family and corporate philanthropy colored by his passion for making the world a better place.

Caren Yanis – Oprah’s Angel Network

Caren Yanis directed Oprah’s Angel Network for 9 years where she led all of Oprah’s philanthropy. We were lucky to have her join us in the podcast booth at Nexus US. 

Candice Cook – Cook Law Group

Candice Cook philanthropist, lawyer, activist, mom, cronut trademarker, and superstar attended Reality Global 2015 a Schusterman Foundation funded trip to Israel for globally-minded entrepreneurs. Also on that trip was Unfunded List founder Dave Moss. They caught up in the podcast booth this year at Nexus US.

Kristina Saffran – Project HEAL

Kristina Saffran is one of the Co-Founders of the Project HEAL. Project HEAL is one of few organizations dealing with the very unfunded issue of eating disorders. And they are on the Unfunded List! I met her one year earlier at the Nexus US Summit in 2017 so it was fun to catch up with her this year in our podcast booth. 

Jennifer Murtie – Pathstone Federal Street

Jennifer Murtie is the COO of Pathstone Federal Street, a wealth advisory firm that works with UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) individuals and family offices. Several of our applicants and even some of our evaluators have asked me to explain what family offices to them in the past and I’ve done my best. Jennifer is way more qualified to do that so she joined us in the podcast booth at the Nexus US Summit to talk about her work. 

Zachary Garber – Charm City Dreamers Podcast

Zachary Garber works at one of Baltimore’s most prestigious wealth management firms and is the host of the Charm City Dreamers Podcast. We had a fun chat about Baltimore and Philanthropy when he joined us in our podcast booth at the Nexus US Summit. 

Hank Love at Nexus US

Hank Love of the American Jobs Project is not a philanthropist but I was chatting with him over a cup of coffee before most of the guests arrived and I liked him so I asked him to sit down for a chat in our podcast booth.

Giving Stories

  I’ve interviewed over 25 different people about giving for the #WineGrants podcast that I hosted and another half dozen major philanthropists for my new podcast Open Door Philanthropy (stay tuned for updates as we’ll be releasing them soon). Before podcasting I worked as a major donor fundraiser for a decade and had countless conversations … Continued

Being Objective about #GivingTuesday

While the intent behind it is noble, there has not been enough critical analysis of #GivingTuesday. Several years after the first charitable giving day, I have started to develop concerns. There is no hard evidence that it increases overall giving and there is some evidence to suggest that it decreases contributions through cannibalization. It might … Continued