Catching up with the (previously) Unfunded: Accountability Lab

Catching Up with Accountability Lab Accountability lab is an international organization that trains, mentors, and supports promising young leaders around the world to strengthen accountability and unleash positive social and economic change. With offices in the United States, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Mali, they are making a significant impact in building a new generation of … Continued

Approaching a Family Foundation is like Having Dinner with a Family

Here at the Unfunded List we are currently quite busy reviewing our fourth and largest round of unfunded proposal submissions. By the time we complete our review next month and announce the next iteration of the Unfunded List (June 1st – Stay Tuned!) we will have reviewed proposals from over 75 startup social good organizations – mostly nonprofits. … Continued

Are you Unfunded?

Too often, the hardworking entrepreneurs with great ideas to fix the world have the door to funding shut in their face.

Leaving Government And Considering The Unfunded Sector?

In about six weeks there will be a new administration in charge of the federal government. This means thousands of hardworking, talented and experienced change agents will soon be out of a job. Many have lined up their next gig while others haven’t begun looking. Some will move to other positions in the Government or … Continued

After the Rejection: Tales of Failed Echoing Green Applications

If you are young philanthropist with an innovative idea for solving a critical social issue, few greater opportunities exist to get your plan off the ground than to apply to become an Echoing Green Fellow. Over the past three decades, Echoing Green has invested  $40 million and supported over 700 emerging social change leaders. The organization’s … Continued

A Guide for Breaking into the Grant Consulting Field

As you can guess, the majority of our attention is occupied to giving the best unfunded ideas opportunities for support. On the flip side of this, however, is our desire to see talented young social impact professionals become more involved in grant consulting and evaluation. For one, it’s a great position to be in: you … Continued

“Date Your Donors” and the Rules of Philanthropic Relationships

Aspiring philanthropists and social impact entrepreneurs typically enter the fundraising game with limited guidance. As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a lack of transparent information regarding how funding is distributed and how funding should be managed on a basic level. Once these basics are mastered, however, startup organizations are faced with another challenge: building quality, lasting relationships … Continued

The Most Overused Words in Grant-Writing

Every profession has its fair share of mind-numbing jargon. Whether it’s marketing/business development managing to turn the word “expert” into a three-letter acronym (SME, in case you were wondering), or legalese squeezing the phrase “inflicted serious bodily harm” out of “injured,” everybody loves to finesse the english language to create their own form of career-specific inside-baseball. … Continued

Many Aspiring Social Impact Organizations Lack Key Information

A month ago,  myself – along with Unfunded List evaluation team members Daniel Karpantschof, Frances Holuba and Candice Cook – co-hosted a  session at the Nexus Youth Summit. Our intention was to provide live feedback to several proposals that had been submitted to the Unfunded List over the past several months. At the onset of the … Continued