Ian Fisk of Mentor Capital Network & IPAs #WineGrantsIsNowBeerGrants

Ian Fisk of Mentor Capital Network joins us in a brand new booth where he and Dave drink 4 IPAs (courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co.) while discussing the fundamental differences between nonprofits and for-profit social ventures. Mentor Capital Network and Unfunded List both review materials and provide feedback. Ian and his committee of mentors focus … Continued

Lilian Wang – Travive

Lilian Wang was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver as a girl. Many years later she would attend the Nexus Global Summit in New York City and agreed to a podcast interview with Dave Moss. As a scientist, strategist, and entrepreneur, Lilian is in pursuit of creating the highest amount of impact in the world … Continued

Anita Zucker – InterTech Investments

  Anita Zucker is the wealthiest self-made guest we’ve interviewed on the podcast to date. She is South Carolina’s only billionaire and one of the most influential donors in the south. She funds education, health programs, Jewish causes and keeps active politically as a member of the Republican Party. Anita launched InterTech Investments with her … Continued

Mary Galeti Tecovas Foundation

Dave Moss, our host, first met Mary Galeti of the Tecovas Foundation the day before a gathering of next generation influencers at the White House in 2010. The gathering was a full day of speeches, workshops, discussions and networking for the millennial elite. The day before, a select few attended a tour of the top … Continued

Elizabeth McCormack Rockefeller Family Philanthropic Office

Elizabeth McCormack was the perfect premiere interview for Season Sh3. We were honored when she opened her doors to us. In this episode we visited her beautiful apartment in New York City. She served as a member of the Society for the Sacred Heart (a nun, for the unfamiliar) for thirty years and was President … Continued

5 Tips for Writing Successful Grant Proposals

People who are applying for grants often ask me for advice on how to write successful grant proposals.  I think grant writers should be called grantwrights just like playwrights because good grant proposals are wrought just as much as they are written. The process for writing grant proposals is messy and cumbersome and confusing. That … Continued

Caren Yanis – Oprah’s Angel Network

Caren Yanis directed Oprah’s Angel Network for 9 years where she led all of Oprah’s philanthropy. We were lucky to have her join us in the podcast booth at Nexus US. 

Candice Cook – Cook Law Group

Candice Cook philanthropist, lawyer, activist, mom, cronut trademarker, and superstar attended Reality Global 2015 a Schusterman Foundation funded trip to Israel for globally-minded entrepreneurs. Also on that trip was Unfunded List founder Dave Moss. They caught up in the podcast booth this year at Nexus US.

Giving Stories

  I’ve interviewed over 25 different people about giving for the #WineGrants podcast that I hosted and another half dozen major philanthropists for my new podcast Open Door Philanthropy (stay tuned for updates as we’ll be releasing them soon). Before podcasting I worked as a major donor fundraiser for a decade and had countless conversations … Continued

Being Objective about #GivingTuesday

While the intent behind it is noble, there has not been enough critical analysis of #GivingTuesday. Several years after the first charitable giving day, I have started to develop concerns. There is no hard evidence that it increases overall giving and there is some evidence to suggest that it decreases contributions through cannibalization. It might … Continued