Rachel Cohen Gerrol – Rosé

Rachel Cohen Gerrol has the longest bio Dave has ever read aloud on Wine Grants. She has served in numerous volunteer capacities and is the founder (or co-founder) of more things than we had time to cover. In 2011, she was the Jewish Girl of The Year. She spent some time as our host’s boss at the PVBLIC Foundation where they worked together to develop the “It’s On Us” campaign in partnership with the White House. For a short time, Dave lived on Rachel’s couch. Rachel is co-founder (along w/ Daniel Karpantschof, an Unfunded List evaluation committee member) of the Nexus Global Youth Summit – an innovative gathering of young philanthropists. Today – she spent some time in a booth with Dave Moss and they talked about how to force innovation into a sector that does not naturally innovate, how to be respectful of the asker’s time and the importance of being on a list.

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