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Thank you in advance for your submission. We look forward to reviewing your work!

Everyone who applies receives a comprehensive feedback report filled with helpful and candid suggestions for moving the proposal forward. Each report is assembled in collaboration with our evaluation committee. At the end of each round we post the best proposals we receive to the official Unfunded List. Sometimes we ask for changes be made to the proposals  based on our feedback before publishing proposals.

We mainly review grant proposals but are able to review whatever written material you’d most like to send. This can include marketing decks, two pagers, letters of inquiry (or introduction), etc. Any written material that describes your program will work.

Please note that we do not give direct grants and never will and that we charge a $100 application fee. Proposals do sometimes receive funding if they are published to our list OR if we identify identify an outside funder for the proposal. Once you have uploaded your proposal above please click submit to be taken to the PayPal portal and submit your payment . If you have any questions please contact